What is the Network

With the project "European Network for Belarus" (ENB) we want to establish a network of experts, representatives of civil society, and politicians to support the democracy movement in Belarus. This network shall enhance the exchange of expert knowledge on Belarus and the visibility of Belarus in Germany, the project's partner countries Lithuania and Poland, as well as at the EU level.

A European debate on Belarus is currently more important than ever: the Russian war in Ukraine and its consequences for the region can neither be understood nor dealt with without regarding the Belarusian perspective. The situation asks for a closely coordinated response of the EU and the European civil society. Meanwhile, the repressions of the Lukashenka regime against the Belarusian civil society and opposition continue.

The main goals of the Network are twofold

■ Keeping events in and around Belarus on the political agenda

The Network strengthens the exchange with politics and media on Belarus-related topics and increases the visibility of Belarus in public debates.

■ Establishing a transnational network

The Network expands contacts between experts, civil society and political representatives in order to support the democratic movement in Belarus. In particular, the voices of the Belarusian diaspora need to be heard.

The European Network for Belarus offers training opportunities to activists working under most difficult conditions in Belarus.
To reach our goals, we work on three levels:
The project aims at the institutional and political strengthening of the Belarusian diaspora structures in Germany, Lithuania, and Poland.
The European Network for Belarus provides contacts and expertise on Belarus to political decision-makers, think tanks and civil society.
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