Working groups on Belarus

Arbeitskreis Belarus

Since its foundation in August 2020, the Arbeitskreis Belarus (Working Group on Belarus) has established itself as the most important forum for expertise and contacts to Belarus in Germany. More than 130 representatives from expert community, civil society, diaspora, and politics are currently its members and take part in its closed online and offline meetings. It also offers a monthly newsletter on Belarus in German.

Main aims of the Arbeitskreis Belarus are:
Mediation of contacts to and from Belarus
Political advice on Belarus for the European civil society and politics
Exchange and dissemination of information on Belarus in Germany
Networking of civil society actors and experts with interest in Belarus

Visit the AK-website to subscribe to the newsletter or find more information about its activities.

Poland | Lithuania

Our partners are currently working on similar formats in Poland and Lithuania within the project “European Network for Belarus”. More information will follow.
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